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"Together We Stand, Divided We Fall."

Lets stop separating, lets come together and face the truth. We must love one another and love others like we love ourselves. Let’s wake up now and take a look, the answer is inside the Good Book. We must stop and think about the consequences.

America Is Better Than This!

"To God Be The Glory!" God spoke to me and said "Your Worship". Tell my people it is in their personal worship that will cause me to move in their lives, and experience deliverance and an intimate relationship with me. Tell them to begin to praise and worship Me in the midst of their situations and watch me move and demonstrate my power in their lives. Tell my people I said it is in their worship that they will get to know Me, fall in love with Me, spend intimate time with Me and draw close to Me. God has given us His power to break strongholds and to warfare against the enemy for victory.

Bullying certainly isn’t a new problem to Servant Sweetie, because she works in education as a teacher, seeing and correcting these acts first hand. She knows bullying amongst special needs children has existed for generations. She believes no matter how you view it, bullying is a form of abuse victimization. Bullying is when the strong preys on the weak. It has negative effects on all its victims, but children with special needs are especially vulnerable to the negative actions.

To God Be the Glory! God gets all of the Glory! Through the trials, tribulations and pain that came forth to try to stop God’s work.  It only came to make me stronger and to prove to me that God’s Word works, we must work the Word.  “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” God brought forth His plan for this project.  To Him Be All the Glory! God has birth forth this CD to allow His people to use it to get in His presence and flow in His Spirit.  He wants us to dive deeper into our personal relationship with Him this year and forever experience intimacy with our King. 

This song is designed to help women and children gain hope to believe within them, they are Innocent; and only by the association of being controlled by their mind and being trapped as a victim into modern day slavery, are they guilty. It will help victims to develop confidence, faith and hope beyond their life experiences as well as give them a voice. Not only for those who are trafficking victims, but anyone who falls prey as a victim of anything or anyone else who tries to stop God's purpose in their life.


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