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   Bullying certainly isn’t a new problem to Servant Sweetie, because she works in education as a teacher, seeing and correcting these acts first hand. She knows bullying amongst special needs children has existed for generations. She believes no matter how you view it, bullying is a form of abuse victimization. Bullying is when the strong preys on the weak. It has negative effects on all its victims, but children with special needs are especially vulnerable to the negative actions. Being that these children already struggle with self-esteem issues, we as the positive humans should be empowering our weaker humans by encouraging them to have faith and believe they can be what they want to be and do what they want to do. Even if they look, act, walk, talk, feel, speak, read, write, think or learn differently, they are still humans too.

   "I Am Human Too" was birth to help empower special needs children, parents and families to believe they are human just like anyone else. In spite of their disabilities they are humans too and they have the right to believe within themselves that they can have confidence within them, power living within them, success within them, hope within them, and love all around them. This song will continue to bring awareness, give quality information, and a voice to show love to the families who care and give their lives to love and take care of their special needs children.

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