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Servant Sweetie has a tremendous passion for God’s word coupled with a love for God’s people. She has a contagious spirit of generosity that flows through every faucet of her ministry.  Having received her mandate from God, Servant, obediently fulfills her calling under the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit.   “But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”(I Cor. 2:14).  Servant Sweetie yearns for God’s desires to be fulfilled in her life as she continues to understand the fullness of walking in the Spirit and dying to herself.  Her mission is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct her to minister, teach, train and empower the people of God to cultivate an intimate righteous relationship with God through spending time with Him in prayer, consecration, meditation and communicating with God through His word. God used the hunger and the intimate times spent with Him to be turn into songs of worship.  “It’s In Your Worship” was birthed for those who want to hunger more for an intimate relationship with God.


 Servant Sweetie is a singer, songwriter and lyricist in her own right. Having spent most of her childhood muted by pronounced stuttering and a speech impediment, Servant always knew she had a voice.  Much to her amazement, her impediments seem to disappear whenever she’d open her mouth to sing. Having begun singing in choirs and serving in the ministry at an early age, the Lord saw fit to loose her tongue completely, from that time; she has maintained a profound love for God and enjoys worshiping Him with music.   It is her many years of private worship that has undoubtedly anointed and appointed her for the “now” in public praise.  She travels Central Florida leading God’s people to a place of intimate praise and worship with her music. Authoring songs such as “I Need Your Power"

"Call Me" and "You are Holy”, she is instrumental in introducing and leading today’s Christian to a place of worship like never before. Her melodious tunes and upbeat tempo provides an awesome balance for both praise and worship that invokes the presence of God. To Him Be All the Glory! God has birth forth this CD to allow His people to use it to get in His presence and flow in His Spirit.  He wants us to dive deeper into our personal relationship with Him this year and forever experience intimacy with our King.  God is so craving for our true worship of a lifestyle of true Holiness.  He desires for us to meditate with Him in spiritual hymns and spiritual songs that will provoke His presence.  These songs are songs for believers to communicate, consecrate and meditate and spend quiet time with their Lord.  God birth this CD for those with a heart to want to fall more in love with Him and wanting to experience more and more of His love by invoking His presence.  At the age of 12, Servant Sweetie gave her life to God.  She had a strong hunger to get to know God at an early age.  She found herself in church but desired more of spending time with God.  Wanting to know Him Intimately,  she prayed and God gave her a scripture to live by, Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” 


   She is from Pensacola, Florida from a family of 11.  College was not talked about in her home.  It was difficult for her to say a complete sentence.  She pretended to teach her teddy bears in the room and play school.  One day she told her teacher that she wanted to become a teacher.  Her teacher told her, that will never happen because she can’t speak without stuttering.  Instead of teaching, her teacher told her to focus on her gift to draw and maybe one day she will move to Orlando and work at Disney World.  She told her mom and her mom encouraged her to believe in herself no matter what obstacles she had to face.  This is when she began to believe God for the miraculous.  Even though she was limited in her Speech, Sweetie did not allow what others spoke into her life to become her destiny.  Sweetie graduated from high school and received a B.S. degree in Art Education from Florida A & M University.  She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.  She has a Doctoral Degree from Jacksonville Theological Seminary in Ministry and Christian Counseling.

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   Servant Sweetie teaches young girls and boys how to believe in themselves first in an After school Program.   She uses the arts (Acting, Dancing, Drama, Etiquette, Court room, Improvisation, Poetry, Singing and Song writing) to tap into the gifts and talents of students to expose them to their innate possibilities and strength within.   Her mission is to motivate and build students self-esteem through the arts by teaching, training and empowering ordinary children with extra ordinary gifts to understand who they really are and what they can become.  She empower students mind to think positive, acquire higher thinking skills and look beyond what they see and hear so they will be able to have self-control; and accept responsibilities for their own actions to make the right decision and become productive citizen within their community and society.  Innocent Cant You See song and play teaches our students the importance of educating themselves about the dangers and realities of Child/Sex Trafficking.  They learn more about Child Trafficking through The Born to Be Free curriculum.  In today’s society, no one see’s the innocence of the soul quite like Servant Sweetie. Having worked in education as a playwright, educator, and director for many years, she has come in contact with children and families from all walks of life. She is also a passionate advocate against Human Trafficking. Believing in her heart there is always a reason for one’s actions and choices in life.   Sweetie began to delve deep into the psyche of those she came in contact with only to find that amidst the pain and sometimes tumultuous patterns one’s life would take, there is a certain level of innocence. Through that very observation, she wrote the song “Innocent Can’t You See.”  Innocent Can’t You See is a song written about the innocent hurt of people who are trapped in situations and feel there’s no way out. Servant Sweetie believes victims lose the powerful knowledge of knowing who they are and their purpose of being created.  She believes fear overtakes them and impairs their innate belief in themselves as well as their potential, not really understanding their true innocence. The entrapments in life as it relates to human trafficking, overtake their hope of escaping this agony and pain, so they accept their situations because they have been in it for so long or they don't see a way out, and all but too often, they give up.  Innocent Can’t You See is designed to help women and children gain hope to believe within themselves, they are Innocent; and only by the association of being controlled by their mind and being trapped as a victim into modern day slavery, are they guilty.  It will help victims to develop confidence, faith and hope beyond their life experiences as well as give them a voice. Not only for those who are trafficking victims, but anyone who falls prey as a victim of anything or anyone else who tries to stop God's purpose in their life.

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