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To God Be the Glory! God gets all of the Glory! Through the trials, tribulations and pain that came forth to try to stop God’s work.  It only came to make me stronger and to prove to me that God’s Word works, we must work the Word.  “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” God brought forth His plan for this project.  To Him Be All the Glory! God has birth forth this CD to allow His people to use it to get in His presence and flow in His Spirit.  He wants us to dive deeper into our personal relationship with Him this year and forever experience intimacy with our King.  God is so craving for our true worship of a lifestyle of true Holiness.  He desires for us to meditate with Him in spiritual hymns and spiritual songs that will provoke His presence.  These songs are songs for believers to communicate, consecrate and meditate and spend quiet time with their Lord.  God birth this CD for those with a heart to want to fall more in love with Him and wanting to experience more and more of His love by invoking His presence.

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