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   In today’s society, no one see’s the innocence of the soul quite like Servant Sweetie. Having worked in education as a playwright, educator, and director for some twenty-eight plus years, she has come in contact with children and families from all walks of life. She is also a passionate advocate against Human Trafficking. Believing in her heart there is always a reason for one’s actions and choices in life, Sweetie began to delve deep into the psyche of those she came in contact with only to find that amidst the pain and sometimes tumultuous patterns one’s life would take, there is a certain level of innocence. Through that very observation, she wrote the song “Innocent Can’t You See”.

   Innocent Can’t You See” is a song written about the innocent hurt of people who are trapped in situations and feel there’s no way out. Sweetie Stewart believe victims lose the powerful knowledge of knowing who they are and their purpose of being created. She believes fear overtakes them and impairs their innate belief in themselves as well as their potential, not really understanding their true innocence. The entrapments in life as it relates to human trafficking, overtake their hope of escaping this agony and pain, so they accept their situations because they have been in it for so long or they don't see a way out, and all but too often, they give up.

   This song is designed to help women and children gain hope to believe within them, they are Innocent; and only by the association of being controlled by their mind and being trapped as a victim into modern day slavery, are they guilty. It will help victims to develop confidence, faith and hope beyond their life experiences as well as give them a voice. Not only for those who are trafficking victims, but anyone who falls prey as a victim of anything or anyone else who tries to stop God's purpose in their life.

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